A representative office of the International Centre for Standardization and Certification Halal under Russsian Muftis Council has opened in Ukraine.

September 11, the delegation of the ICSCH Under the RMC headed by CEO A. Gazizov went with a working visit to Ukraine. The delegation visited the muftiyat of Kiev, which is an associate member of the Russian Muftis Council, and met with its chairman Mufti Kanaf Khusnutdinov. During the meeting, the parties agreed on plans to open representative office of the Halal Certification Center in Kiev.

On the same day the largest confectionery corporation in CIS “ROSHEN”, an international manufacturer of confectionery products, passed a certification procedure for compliance with the standard Halal under the Russian Muftis Council. Roshen company enjoys the highest level of trust of the Ukrainian consumer.

The visit, that continued in Belarus, is a part of a single economic space Halal in the CIS, consistent with the goals and objectives established in April this year by the Eurasian Union center of standardization and certification of halal, as well as plans for the creation of the Council of Muftis of CIS countries.


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