tentFrom the 15th to the 29th of August once again the Ramadan tent in Moscow opens its doors to everybody, offering not only free food from various nations of the world, but also a variety of cultural and educational programs.

This year, after the first official opening day, on the 16th of August the presentation of the Economic Department of Russia Muftis Council will take place in the Ramadan Tent.

All the visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the activities of the Russia Muftis Council in the field of economy: programs for development of ethical Islamic values in business, development of halal standard and its significance, educational programs on Islamic finance and economics in Russia and abroad. Also they will have an opportunity to learn more about a major annual project, which is Moscow Halal Expo, and about future projects and programs, to ask questions and to share their suggestions.

The presentation starts at 8 pm.

The Ramadan tent waits for its guests in its traditional place: near the Moscow Memorial mosque (2 B, Minskaya str.)


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