To the Chairman of Russia mufties Council,
Chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims
European part of Russia
Mufti Sheikh Gaynutdin

Dear Ravil Hazrat!

On behalf of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, I heartily congratulate you and all the participants on the opening of the First Moscow International Exhibition “Halal” – Moscow Halal Expo 2010, which was attended by representatives of government, religious organizations, public figures, businessmen and representatives of the Muslim culture from many regions of the country.

I am confident that this event will be the interactive platform to establish fruitful contacts, exchange of experience between producers ща halal products, open new opportunities for Russian business and it will be interesting not only among Muslims but also among members of other faiths.

I hope that the exhibition will become a good tradition and contribute to the preservation of historical, cultural and spiritual values of our multiethnic nation.

I wish the organizers, exhibitors and guests successful, interesting communication, health, peace and prosperity.

Chairman of the Council of Federation

Of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

S.M. Mironov


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