Rushan-Hazrat Abbyasov greeting words

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Assalamu alaikum, dear brothers and sisters!

Peace be upon you and God's Mercy and Blessings!


I cordially welcome all and congratulate you with the opening of the Second Moscow International Halal Exhibition.

The emergence of new technologies, means of obtaining the ingredients simplifies to large extent the production of quality products, but at the same time poses new challenges in determining the boundaries of permissible and forbidden.

No less important is the shaping of competitive ways of funding of new Islamic business projects based on the Islamic principles.

It is gratifying to note that the number of companies, representing Russian Islamic business, is growing from year to year, thus increasing diversity in the range of halal services offered to the public.

Arrived to Moscow from different countries and regions of Russia, participants will demonstrate a wide range of products and the latest achievements in halal production, exchange experience in crisis circumstances.

I am confident that participation in Moscow Halal Expo 2011 will bring you success in business, contribute to effective negotiations and mutually beneficial contracts.

I wish a fruitful work, interesting and productive meetings to all participants!

Sincerely yours,

Rushan-Hazrat Abbyasov

Head of Russia Muftis Council Administration

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Moscow Halal Expo 2011